Transfer Water Effortlessly

Suck up water from one receptacle and transfer it to another quickly and effortlessly.

Portable Water Transfer Pump

How it Works

Just push the button on top of the liquid transfer pump to begin moving liquid from one receptacle to another. You can easily empty your aquarium or ornamental pond for cleaning or repairs with the Liquid Transfer Pump.

Choose a Model

Choose a model based on your battery and rate of transfer required.

  • Ezgopump Standard $99.00
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  • Ezgopump Extended Model $139.00
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  • Ezgopump Telescoping Model $159.00
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  • Applications

    Ezgopump can be used for many jobs such as emptying clogged sinks, toilets or bathtubs, emptying hot tubs and jacuzzis, draining fish tanks, cleaning up minor flooding, and more!